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#LaterReflections of Team Training Trip to Taiwan

Updated: Jan 17

March 12 2017

Our teams went up to Taiwan for our annual training trip to Taiwan from 12-16th March 2017. As usual, this is one of the main highlights of our CCA as we grow and bond over an overseas trip whilst playing against top notch opposition, learning much during the journey.

Our Capts took some time to pen down their thoughts over the trip.....

"Overall I think this year's trip in comparison to last year was much more beneficial to us (maybe cause last year our players were already of some standard). It was really an eye opener for a lot of the relatively inexperienced J1s and it was really nice to see them step up for the 3rd game against 竹林. The juniors surprisingly bonded really well together (girls and guys) also. The emphasis that we (seniors) placed for the team was EFFORT both on and off the court and we really saw first hand what hardwork and hustle and effort can bring (from the Taiwan teams).

Overall I think this trip was a fruitful one and moving forward, it would be great if the juniors can everyone can remember and continue to play to the same intensity we played in Taiwan."

- A Div Boys Captain Krison Sum

"I think the most memorable game was the last one against 永春高中. We started really slowly and at one point, we were trailing by 18 points (22-4). It was especially memorable for me as I got elbowed on the throat and I couldn't talk for the rest of the game. At the same time, the team's morale was down too cause the opponents kept scoring on us. But we started the third quarter strong despite low morale and low energy levels.

After taking a big hit to the throat, the only way I could communicate was by giving the team hand signals on court. The morale was really down at that time as we were really behind. I knew I had to step on the court to make a difference as captain. When I came in, it was like the re-entry of the team's impact player, like Lebron James :) Although I couldn't scream nor could I show who I was screening, all my teammates were constantly taking care of me and looking at me to see whether I was okay. We fought to our last breath and converted our chances well. I fought with every post-up, calling for the ball on every play. the opponents feared me every time I shouted "mouse in the house!".

As the seconds ticked by, we steadily narrowed down the scoreline until we were down by 2. During the very last play, there were only 5 seconds left and we were trailing 35-33. we desperately brought the ball up into the opponent's court and fought to score the last basket. Our perseverance paid off as we managed to release a clutch mid-range jump shot, tying the game at 35-35!! I felt a huge sense of relief knowing that I stepped

onto the court and made a difference in the game. I was initially worried that our team would suffer a big defeat in the first half but we eventually managed to come back. This made me realise how much of an impact I could make in the game and how dominant

I can be. We hope to carry this mindset and skill set into our A Division games against every opponent we face. If we are able to do so, our team will be unstoppable and we can secure the championship.

I think the effort made by the guys and girls teams were commendable for all games and through this trip, we learnt a lot from the Taiwan teams in terms of both skills and attitude. I'm really glad that everyone bonded and got to know each other better through this trip!"

- A Div Girls Captain Choo Jieying

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