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Raffles Basketball Camp 2017

Updated: Jan 17

February 26, 2017

The Exco of 2017 decided to hold a 2D1N Camp in school from 24-25th February. It was our first camp in many years and the aims of this camp was really to bring the two teams closer and to help players get to know each other better as we make the step up towards National Schools Championships!!

Here are some thoughts from the campers....

How was Raffles Basketball Camp for you? Did you have any such camps back in RGS/RI/Secondary School? How was this one similar/ different?

Basketball camp this year was enjoyable. It gave me the opportunity to bond with my batch mates and seniors. It was very different from camps in RGS, as most camps there consisted mostly of trainings, with little time to interact. Hence, having a bonding camp was a refreshing change. It was more relaxed, and the purpose was more to get to know your teammates more rather than train for season. I think it helped us familiarize ourselves with each other and build up our chemistry. In addition, we had the talk about sports nutrition, which helped us understand an aspect of training that we often overlook. - Rhianne

The basketball camp was really enjoyable to me.

The exco had did a great job in coming up with various type of games to ensure that everyone was included in the team bonding session. This was something that I did not experience before.

- Rachel

The camp was super fun and yea i had some camps like that before but it was more of a training camp than a team bonding one. This camp was a little different for me as there were more activities and time spent with my teammates from both guys and girls teams. - Denzel

What was the most memorable thing during camp?

It was the morning run at MacRitchie Reservoir. I felt that it was the most memorable because the scenery was very revitalising and all of us ran together as a team, a family, and we even ate breakfast together. That kind of reminded me of my team back in my secondary school. - Ying Jie

It was the Amazing Race. We were divided into groups and had to work together to find clues and solve them in order to proceed to the next stage. This game has taught us to be understanding towards each other especially during the punishment for failing to obtain the clues. For example, one of the punishment was that everyone had to remain in a push-up position while each of us take turns to score a free throw. Whenever someone misses the ball, it was very heartening to hear everyone cheering for the person and encouraging him/her not to give up despite being in a very uncomfortable position. I personally feel that this is a very important trait of every basketball player as we should always be there to support our teammates throughout the game, even at our lowest point. - Rachel

I really liked the banners we did 👍 - Jieying

One of the most memorable thing was during the night when one (unnamed) person in our room kept snoring and kept all of us awake for quite some time!! Hahaha. - Denzel

Who did you get to know better during camp?

I got to know my seniors and the guys’ basketball team better. I was already quite close to my batch mates as I’ve been with those from RGS for 4 years and I’ve trained with the others for the past few months. I never got the opportunity to talk to my seniors, so camp was a great way to strike up a conversation and get to know them better. Before camp, I did not know the names of the guys, but after the basketball camp, at least I recognize their faces and know their names.

- Rhianne

Throughout the entire camp, I not only got to know my batch mates better but my seniors as well. This CCA Camp was definitely a great bonding session for us as it helps us to get to better understand one another and build greater chemistry among ourselves to prepare for the upcoming season. - Rachel

I got closer to some of my juniors, especially Denzel, since he's really fun to hang around. - Yufan

Any other thoughts about camp or the CCA?

It was fun planning the camp with the exco, planning how the games should be played and coming up with interesting clues for the treasure hunt. It was also very fulfilling because the camp went quite smooth and our objectives were mostly met. - Jieying

After the camp I asked some of the juniors whether they felt closer to their own batch, even with the girls, and they said yes so I think this camp was a success in fostering bonds!! - Yufan

I am really looking forward to seeing the banner we painted with our hands being displayed during the FINALS!! - Ying Jie

LONGER CAMP!! - Everyone

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