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Team of Teachers & Coaches

Our coaching team consists of very experienced and accomplished coaches in Singapore. Our main coaches have coached National/National Youth/Club teams before and their wealth of experience has helped to polish the raw potential and talent at Raffles. This is supplemented by a group of very passionate, committed and experienced teachers who seek to bring out the best in our students and to create a very memorable CCA experience.

Coach Chiew Poh Leng
A Div Girls Team Coach


Coach Baoling is a very experienced and accomplished coach. A former National player herself, she has even gone overseas to participate in coaching workshops in Europe to further her coaching credentials and learning. She has been the head coach of RI A Div Girls team since 2006. She focuses a lot on our teams working as one unit and each player complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses. Under her leadership and coaching, our girls team has featured regularly in the National Schools Finals, often competing with our rivals HCI, clinching the championships in 2006, '12, '16-'17 and '19. 

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