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Raffles Basketball Romances - Double Date Feature

Updated: May 17, 2020

We are posting up a special feature during this Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Period!! During this period where safe and social distancing is the norm, we would like to take the masks off and get to know our double couples from Raffles Basketball: to hear what drove them to get together, what challenges they faced and what joys they have experienced together.

So for today, we have the couples Vice Captains Daran+Jie En and Yufan+Yihan from the batches of 2016 and '17 respectively.

Daran and Jie En

Yufan and Yihan

Griffles: Good Morning to our double couples! Thank you for taking time out to answer some interesting questions giving us an insight into your journey together as a couple and providing some helpful advice for future ballers who might do a "double team" like you guys :)

First Question, When did you two get together??

Daran+Jieen (DJ): 22 July 2015! So, it's during J1, just after our season & CTs :D

Yufan+Yihan (YY): 1 Jan 2019!

Griffles: DJ got together during school while YY went steady after JC... cool ...

Griffles: Now, the sensitive question, who liked who first???

DJ: "Of course he liked me first. "- Jie En "Definitely her."- Daran

Griffles: ROFL.... Looks like there is some kinks that you guys need to iron out! *haha*


YY: . I (Yufan) fell for her first. It was probably sometime during early J2, we started spending a lot of time together since we always took the train home together after training, and little by little I realized I enjoyed spending time with her.

Griffles: Awwwww.....

Griffles: Usually the boys and girls teams don't really mix around during training sessions. So, what is one new thing that you have learnt about each other since getting together?


Yihan is a very well rounded person. She can be very adventurous, something I did not know about her before. I really love that side of her, and I enjoy how she is always willing to try new things, explore new places. It makes our dates so much more interesting.


Beneath the surface of all Yufan's egoistic jokes (sometimes excessive), he’s actually a very down-to-earth and humble person. When he first became an officer, we had a conversation on the train that still remains memorable to me. He said he wanted to gain the genuine respect of his colleagues for what he does in the army, rather than for his rank. His modesty was something I came to realise afterwards.



That Jie En is a good keeper haha. When we first got together her impression of me was probably still quite ideal, but nevertheless she stayed on during my army days, after I grew fatter, and more importantly after uncovering more of my personal flaws as the days went by :')

Griffles: Awwww (again)... so touching... I feel as if I am watching K-Drama.... aka Crash Landing on You siah...

Griffles: How did you two keep the relationship going esp during army/uni?


Yufan: In a relationship, you learn that things are not always smooth-sailing. We don't always end up with someone we match perfectly with.

We are going to have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I think she's worth it.

Be willing to work together, talk things through, and be willing to put your ego aside and look within yourself.

For guys in the army, you will hear the same stories that relationships in army don't work. It's difficult, but it's possible! Just make the effort, within your own constraints. Also, it’s okay to be cheesy. And let her know how much you like her.

Yihan: I think mutual trust and understanding are very important. It was very different from the JC days where we could easily spend our free time together in the library, mugging for A levels. We had very different lives and goals back then when he was serving NS and I started uni, which left me with little time to have fun. Fortunately, Fan has always been understanding. Instead of going for movies, he would accompany me to the library on the weekends (which is probably the last place an NS boy would want to spend their bookout days ). In return, I would try to make up for it by having more fun dates during holidays. It’s about considering the other in the relationship.

Jie En:

To many couples going through the army phase, it may seem like a trying time because both people in the relationship are going through different phases.

Sometimes it can be harder to communicate/go on dates/spend as much time as they could before in JC. Naturally, compromises have to be made. I remember travelling down all the way to Joo Koon/Pasir Ris occasionally to have dinner together before sending him off. Daran also dedicated most of his spare time to me.

Jie En

Uni also presented a new set of challenges. Uni was more demanding in terms of workload and taking different courses might also pose as a challenge sometimes. Nevertheless, I would say that it gave me a chance to learn more about him.

I was on exchange in the Netherlands earlier in the year and it was the first time that we didn’t see each other for such a long duration. Skype (and delivery services 🎈🎁) definitely helped to bridge the gap! But of course those will never fully replace spending quality time with one another :')

D: Ok thanks for answering for me too :P

Griffles: Wow... thanks for the insight and advice shared. That's true that life after JC is very different and one needs to really work hard to keep the relationship going. As they say in sports, Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent doesn't Work Hard. Nothing in life is a given and if it is important enough, then it is important enough to fight for it. :)

Griffles: One last question, any other advice for future bballer couples?? :)

YY: Be a positive influence on each other's lives. Don't let your relationship affect your studies or your partner's studies! Be responsible, and know your priorities.


DJ: Studies are important in JC, but in the midst of the mugging, don’t forget to show the people you care (not just your partner) about how important they are to you too! Compromise, communication and showing support for one another go a long way!!!

To end off, shoutout to Mr Tay for not forgetting us haha. I still remember the time before we got together, when I (Daran) was alone with Mr Tay in his car and he asked me whether the 2 of us could be a possibility, and I straight away said "no". Guess I was never a good liar ;)

Griffles: Thank you guys and girls for the Double Date!! It was great to hear from you all especially during this unprecedented time where we got to keep our distance from each other. :) Stay safe and keeping balling and loving each other! :)

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