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National Schools A Division Basketball Championships 2017 Updates

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

May 7 2017

After the first round of preliminary games, our boys and girls teams topped their groups with clear victories amidst rotation of the full squad. This has given all players invaluable experience playing in the NSG environment and we look forward to the Quarterfinals starting tomorrow.

Results of Preliminary Round:


RI vs NUS High: 74-20

RI vs SJI: 81-10

RI vs MI: 56-22

RI vs IJC: 64-42

RI vs TJC: 66-27


RI vs EJC: 85-15

RI vs RVHS: 71-12

RI vs TPJC: 58-11

RI vs SRJC: 47-12

Our Quarterfinals Fixtures are as follows: (Venue is still at OCBC Arena)

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