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National Schools A Div 2018 - Guys vs SAJC Game Review

Our Boys' second match on 16th of April was against St Andrew‘s Junior College (SAJC).

Our team started the game with much zeal and energy, however the basket refused to fall. It was a disappointingly low scoring first quarter with only 6 points from our side. The second quarter saw us fighting back outscoring our opponents by 12-11. We ended the first half trailing by 3 points. Despite things not falling our way, our team didn't let this get to us and we kept plugging away.

In the third quarter, our team gained more momentum. It took a three pointer from Chua Kai Xuan (#9) to equalize and Joshua Lim (#7) converting his free throw to give us the lead again. From then on, our team never looked back. The team also limited our opponents to just two points in the 3rd quarter.

We carried on our momentum into the fourth quarter and blitzed our opponents to score quick baskets, a total of 31 points alone in the 4th, At full-time, the game ended 74-36 in our favor.

Our top scorer was Adam Harith (#30) who registered 23 points and 8 steals. Chua Kai Xuan had a good day on both rebound boards totaling 12. Jack William (#4) and Joshua Lim combined a total of 5 assists that forms our strong basis for offence.

Going forward, the team should continue to maintain its high energy level, focus on defense, passing the early ball and improvements on the conversion rate. A delicate balance has to be sought in order to thwart the opponent’s offensive rhythm, while avoiding foul troubles and giving away free throws.

Our next game is on 20th of April (Friday) 3:15pm against National Junior College (NJC) at SBC.

- Game Review written by Bryan Teo

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