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Catching up with Alumni IV

Zaki coaching his hall team

A special edition this time round as we catch up with a group of 5 alumni - Daran, Felix, Zaki, Daryl, Marcus who have gone on to study, stay and play together in University!

For today, we will hear from both Felix (batch of '15) and Daran (vice-capt of '16).

Griffles: So, what are you guys doing now?

Daran, the broke med student

Daran: Having disrupted from army early, I am currently a broke medical student at NTU.

Felix, the future PE Teacher :)

Felix: I'm currently studying Sports Science and Management in NTU with Zaki (capt of '15).

Why did you guys take up this course of study?

D: I see myself as quite a stable person (can tell from my play style too haha) so I thought being a doctor will suit me since it's quite a steady and substantial career path. And I honestly feel that I''m quite warm-hearted, so interacting and helping patients will be something I foresee myself enjoying everyday.

Haha and one final reason (for the lols) is that I wanted to continue Raffles Basketball's "legacy" of producing one doctor-to-be from every batch, at least from the few batches above me that I know xD

Griffles: *FACEPALM*

F: Ever since I attended the SSM attachment during Gap Sem in Sec 4, I knew that this was the course I wanted to take. It's just fascinating to me learning how our body/mind works during sports, and I want to contribute to the field in the future. I might also take the PGDE for PE and join the Raffles PE teachers since that has been my dream in school, we''ll see how it goes ;)

Griffles: AWESOME! You can come over and take over Mr Tay next time!!

So, how come you guys are still together in University?

F: We all stay in NTU's Pioneer Hall and we represented our hall during inter-hall games.

G: Wow!! Who are the we??

D: The starting 5 are Daryl (batch of '14), Zaki and Felix (batch of '15), Daran (vice-capt of '16) and Marcus (vice-capt of '17)

Daryl with his trademark shot
Marcus going for a layup

G: Wow Wee!! Inter-batch representation from '14 to '17! That is great!! Your Chemistry must really flow on court then....

G: Any words of advice for your juniors?

F: Always give your all during training because that's your duty not just as a player, but to your brothers and sisters around you who fight together with you on the court. One day you'll look back and you'll miss all of this, so treasure it while you can.

D: I think this feature initiative is quite a good setup by Mr Tay, a teacher/mentor I will forever be indebted to. Simple reason is because JC was a big part of my life, basketball is a big part of JC and he was a big part of Raffles Basketball. Speaking of this, I assume these answers are more for JC Raffles Basketballers, so here I go.

Currently I'm filling this form up while taking a break from studying the physiology and challenges of adolescence. Admit it or not, you're probably at the rebellious phase in your life where the egos and negativity around you are amplified. Some of your friends and teachers are probably not great*. But at the end of the day, always try to see the good in them (if any) and see who is really there to help you. For example, my batch never treated our conditioning sessions 100% seriously, but we always showed appreciation to the one behind all the conditioning programmes. If there are bad people then there's a similar chance that loyal friends are around you too. JC surrounds you with more people, and this in turn means more avenues for support.

Zaki and Daran of our 2015 championship winning team.

Studies-wise, things will right themselves by the business half of Year 2, when CCA is officially OVER. So no more excuses, prepare and execute just as you would for a basketball season. Raffles Basketball is great and Raffles is a great system no matter how much you can criticise them. If you find yourself overwhelmed by too many things around you, at the end of the day just take a step back and focus on those that REALLY matter.

G: Thanks guys for taking your time out to help with this article and it is great to see you all balling and living together! (ala Taiwan trip style!)

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