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Raffles Basketball Romances - Stanley & Joelynn from Batch of 2009

Over the years of different batches, we have had basketballers who became a couple through the 2 years of studying and training together. It is only natural as much time is spent on court doing the very thing that both are passionate about. Moreover, we always encourage our ballers to see the CCA as a family who is there for each other.

For today's article, we will be hearing from Joelynn and Stanley, from the batch of 2009 and they will be sharing a sneak peek into their Raffles journey with us .

Raffles Basketball 2008

1. You two were from the graduating batch of RJC 2009. Tell us a little bit more about yourselves back in school then. (Sec sch, Class, CCAs, House etc…)

Back in secondary school, we were from RI and RGS basketball 2004-2007. We happened to be from the same (red) house too - so we met again as "housemates" in Moor Tarbet when we got into RJC (2008-2009)! Stanley was in RJ bball (and fencing) for the first part of J1 before dropping out due to a serious knee injury. Meanwhile, he was also elected to be the MT House Captain so he committed himself fully to the 28th Student Council Exco. Joelynn stayed on in bball throughout JC. Plus, she also ran for council and became the vice house captain for MT!

Stanley & Joelynn

2. How did you guys meet?

We had mutual friends from our class and our teammates in secondary 1 who introduced us to each other online via MSN messenger. As you may know, as adolescents, we fell into the phase of having minor "crushes" on members of the opposite gender. (That was the case for Stanley towards Joelynn in secondary school!) For a period, we talked a lot online and over the phone (after lights out, and after we did our homework :D). It died down soon after (partly because we realised that we didn't share the same Christian faith at that point)...until we met in JC again.

3. What was your first impression of each other?

Joelynn thought that Stanley's crush was temporary / minor and didn't think much of it. Stanley, however, kept her in mind throughout secondary school. We met occasionally during ORA events and when other bball guys wanted to ask the girls out on group dates (e.g. to support the Moor Drama fest in sec 4). He would send letters / greeting cards on her birthday / over Christmas each year even though we stopped talking regularly. The best part was this - when the guys went out shopping once for gifts for their crushes, Stanley bought Joelynn an Abercrome and Fitch jacket (in sec 3) and kept it in his cupboard because he felt that it wasn't time yet to give it to her at that point (as we weren't really talking).

4. What drew you two together?

In JC, when we met again, Joelynn realised that he had become a Christian (a personal decision unrelated to her). That made her interested to get to know him again better. She had always been slightly attracted to him because she knew that they had several strong similarities (e.g. plays bball, chinese chess, piano, violin and guitar) and differences too (e.g. he's a serious introvert, unlike her).

Stanley, at the same time, still had a liking for Joelynn, and he expressed it very touchingly on Valentine's Day in J1 when he gave her the jacket he had kept for her for years. Meanwhile, because all the teammates and his ex-classmates knew about his crush, they egged him on.

5. When did you get together? Did your teammates know and tease you two like crazy??

People used to tease us though we weren't officially together in JC (because they all knew Stanley had a crush since secondary school). It became worse when we got into council - they'd call Stanley the house captain and Joelynn the housewife (vice-captain). It happened that another very good mutual friend was the 2nd vice-captain and they'd call her the "housefly" in good humour!

We only got together after JC (after A-levels was the agreement, though we were already mutually attracted to each other in JC). Stanley is a serious guy who wanted to focus on his studies first. Joelynn was totally fine because commitment to a serious relationship felt like too much for her to handle at that point in time. We both wanted to be in a relationship for the long-term, and after careful consideration and self-improvement, so we did not rush into it too early on.

6. What helped to keep your relationship going after JC? (This would be most helpful for some of our couples in Raffles Basketball)

Though we did not get together in JC officially, we kept loving and caring for each other as special friends. Stanley was exceptionally supportive of Joelynn during her basketball season, always preparing an energy pack for her before every game. It would consist of a fruit and an energy drink (minimally). Whenever she was unwell, he would prepare lozenges / honey water whatever that would help. During mass lectures, he would always have some sweets or mints to share with her (and keep them both alert). He was much more academic-focused compared to her, and would often share with her his study notes / timetable, and ask her out to the library to mug together. On the other hand, Joelynn encouraged him in his Christian faith and made him smile more in general with her spontaneous personality.

Posting up :)

7. What was it like being in Basketball CCA back then?

The camaraderie was strong and the teams would support each other as often as we could! The girls' team during that time got into the national finals and the boys prepared hand-drawn jerseys and balloons to cheer us on!

​8. Lastly, when is the Big Day?

We are getting married on 28th April 2018 (after about 8 years)!​ We decided to take our pre-wedding photos in RJ as it holds special memories for us. Here are some shots at the court, the stadium, the field and the steps!

Our Wedding shoot at RI Campus

Thank you for taking time out to share with us your special and intimate story of how you two came together. Any Last words?

We hope that those of you in relationships now will treasure them and sustain them for a lifetime. If you're not serious about it now, maybe you should wait till after your A levels before you commit. :D Love is patient.

Here's wishing the newly weds all the best in their next stage of their life journey together as husband and wife! On 3.... R-A-F-F-L-E-S!! Woosh!!

As One Team

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